Site Feasibility for FiT Wind Development

Lomond Energy was commissioned by a land agent on behalf of their client to assess the feasibility for a potential FiT wind development on a small landholding in Perth and Kinross.

Lomond Energy visited the site, conducted a site walk over and assessed the 'in the field' local and regional constraints that were not necessarily map based.

Once back in the office, a desk based assessment including a GIS (Geographical Information System) based constraints overview was conducted to ascertain constraints including ecological, ornithological, cultural heritage, landscape, radar and infrastructure concerns along with proximity to housing and planning policy.

A search of local renewable energy planning applications in the region was conducted to increase certainty in the level of planning risk for the development. This also proved useful in determining the scale of development that may have been acceptable and the potential level of cumulative effect any further development may have had in the surrounding region.

Noise and shadow flicker modelling was also presented using in-house wind farm and GIS software, the results of which were presented in report format with figures to the client. A recommendation of the size, scale and location of the development was reported alongwith an indictive layout of the proposed site.

The results of the feasibility assessment for the site proved useful to the client in determining whether to progress further with the proposal and submit a full planning application.

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