Project Management - Small Scale Wind Turbine

Lomond Energy was commissioned by Strachur Estate to establish a design for a small scale wind turbine within the estate boundary, compose a supporting statement and submit and manage a planning application through to consent.

The site had previously been subject of planning application for a larger wind turbine but was discouraged by the Council and a number of other stakeholders. Lomond Energy was commissioned at this stage to re-assess the site and ensure an optimum design that would ensure the greatest chance of planning success. 

The final design proposed a maximum blade tip height of 55m above ground level with a generating capacity of up to 250kW. To get to this stage Lomond Energy consulted with a number of stakeholders including the Estate, Council, candidate turbine manufacturer and also Lomond Energy's in-house windfarm design and GIS software.

The new proposal replaced the existing planning application for a larger wind turbine. The project was subsequently consented within 3 months of the planning application submission. During the planning application process the maximum blade tip height was reduced by 5m to alleviate some Council landscape and visual concerns.

The Estate anticipates this renewable energy project will operate alongside it's existing hydro-electric scheme and will contribute not only in reducing the Estate's carbon footprint but also in underpinning it's future growth. It is the Estate's aim to re-develop it's dilapidated housing stock in order to provide local affordable housing, promote local employment opportunities and create a local educational fund for young people.

Key Facts


Strachur Estate, near Strachur, Argyll and Bute


Feb - April 13 Feasibility & environmental assessment
April 13 Planning application submitted
July 14 Planning application consented
April 15 Construction start (indicative)
May 15 Commissioned (indicative)

Current Status:



1 wind turbine, 50m to blade tip, 250kW capacity

Local Benefits

  • New income stream for local estate
  • Establishment of a local educational fund for young people
  • Contribution towards funding of restoration of Strachur Park, creating and maintaining woodland walks within the Estate and the development of affordable housing

Environmental Benefits

  • Approximately 573 thousand units of carbon-free electricity annually, equivalent to the consumption of approximately 78 homes
  • Contribution of funding towards tree planting on the Estate

Project Partners

Strachur Estate

Our Role

Project Manager