Lordscairnie Wind Turbine

Lordscairnie was developed in partnership with Temporis Wind and Lomond Energy and was successfully granted planning permission in April 2012.

The site is located to the north of Moonzie, approximately 4.5 km north west of Cupar, Fife with a maximum generating capacity of 225kW, equivalent to the annual electrical consumption of approximately 126 homes.

Lomond Energy managed the project from feasibility, through the screening stage and throughout the planning application stage to consent. During the planning application phase Lomond Energy successfully overcame an SNH objection in regard to wintering geese. They commissioned winter bird survey from September to January in order to allow geese activity to be formally recorded and to identify any concerns the Development may have. The recorded data identified that no significant adverse impact would occur on geese activity as a result of the Development which allowed SNH to remove it's objection.

Key Facts


Lordscairnie, near Cupar, Fife


Jan 11 -  Aug 11 Screening, feasibility & environmental assessment
Aug 11 Planning application submitted
Apr 12 Planning application consented

Current Status:



1 wind turbine, 45.7m to blade tip, 225kW capacity

Local Benefits

  • New income stream for local farm underpinning its long term future

Environmental Benefits

  • Approximately 516 thousand units of carbon-free electricity annually, equivalent to the consumption of approximately 126 homes

Project Partners

Temporis Wind

Our Role

Development project management