Boghead Wind Turbine

Boghead wind turbine was developed by Lomond Energy and was successfully granted planning permission by South Lanarkshire Council in June 2014.

The site is located to the west of Limekilnburn, adjacent to the A723 Hamilton to Strathaven public road in South Lanarkshire. The wind turbine will be a maximum height to blade tip of 77m above ground level with a 50m hub height and with a maximum generating capacity of 500kW, equivalent to the annual electrical consumption of approximately 250 homes.

National Air Traffic Service (NATS) were the only consultee to object to the proposal which we believe shows the project has been sited well and is of the right scale for the local area. Upon further investigation prompted by the objection NATS identified that there was a technical solution capable of ensuring the project would not interefere with its operations which allowed removal of the objection.

The site is located within gently undulating agricultural fields used for rough grazing and pasture which can be continued throughout the construction and operational phases of the project.

Key Facts


Lands at Boghead, near Limekilnburn, South Lanarkshire


Sept 13 -  Dec 13 Screening, feasibility & environmental assessment
Dec 13 Planning application submitted
June 14 Planning application consented
April 15 Construction start (indicative)
June 15 Commissioned (indicative)

Current Status:



1 wind turbine, 77m to blade tip, 500kW capacity

Local Benefits

  • New income stream for local landowner
  • Contribution to South Lanarkshire's renewable energy targets
  • Contribution to South Lanarkshire Council's Renewable Energy Fund

Environmental Benefits

  • Approximately 1.2 million units of carbon-free electricity annually, equivalent to the consumption of approximately 250 homes

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