Feed-in-Tariff / Single Wind Turbines

In April 2010 the UK Government put in place a Feed-in Tariff structure to encourage householders, landowners and businesses to generate their own clean & green energy.

To help landowners benefit from this scheme we offer the opportunity to develop dedicated Feed-in Tariff developments at the right site and location. We are able undertake the full spectrum of appraisal and development of projects ranging from their site assessment through planning, financing construction and operation.

We offer an attractive 'no-risk' rental package to landowners for single or small groups of wind turbines up to 1.5MW in capacity, and can also bring our long track record of wind industry experience to JV agreements along the same lines as our successful partnerships on larger projects.

Lomond Energy has developed a strong track record within this exciting market sector to help you realise the renewable energy potential of your land.

As well as single and small groups of wind turbines we also offer the opportunity to landowners to develop hydro-electric or ground mounted solar array projects.

Contact fit@lomondenergy.com for more information.

Latest News

Sep 6, 2013

Local Benefits now flowing from Allt Dearg

Just 8 months after its completion Allt Dearg Community Wind Farm is doing just as it says on the tin... generating lots of green energy on the hill whilst providing much needed cash for community projects in and around Ardrishaig.


Jul 9, 2013

Milnathort Future Trust reveal plans to tackle growing flooding risk

Milnathort Future Trust (MFT) have warned of an increasing local threat of flooding due to climate change, highlighting their plans to use profit generated from the proposed Milnathort Community Wind Cluster to shore up local residents against the risk.


Jun 21, 2013

New Student Support Scheme Announced

Lomond Energy has signed a unique agreement with Clydebank College to establish an Educational Trust Fund to provide finance for student places.


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