Jan 14, 2011

Spurlens Rig Community Ownership Options Discussed

The first Community Liaison Forum meeting convened on Thursday 13th January at Howgate Village Hall to discuss how the communities of Howgate, Moorfoot, Eddleston and Lamancha can invest in a one sixth share of the proposed Spurlens Rig Wind Farm.

Lomond Energy Director, Steve Macken said, “We were pleased to see that representatives from the Council as well as Howgate, Moorfoot and Eddleston Community Council attended the Community Liaison Forum meeting last Thursday.

“The Liaison Forum has been established to discuss the possible community benefit outcomes from the proposed wind farm at Spurlens Rig and the meeting facilitated a constructive, open dialogue on how the community can invest in a one sixth share.”

Thursday’s meeting allowed the local communities to ask questions about the turbine ownership and gain a better understanding of how they can get involved.

“It is difficult for communities to invest in wind farms on their own; it’s structurally and financially difficult,” Mr Macken said. “Being a small, independent developer allows us more flexibility than the larger developers to offer community investment, with the bulk of the loan supported under the same financing terms as the rest of the wind farm.

“A number of options for securing the initial 20% investment were presented and the community councils have agreed to discuss these options with their respective colleagues before the Liaison Forum re-convenes in April to continue these discussions.

“It is our wish to see all four local communities benefit from the turbine by working together to agree what they would like to do.

“The best course of action is to appoint an independent member to chair the Forum, who will be elected by fellow members, and we are encouraging anyone interested to come forward.

“The decisions surrounding the community benefits are to be made by the communities themselves so appointing an independent chair will allow Lomond Energy to be removed from leading the discussion on this topic.”

If anyone is interested in joining the Forum, please email to register your interest.

For more information, contact Lauren Gonsal by email or by phone 0131 220 0159.

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