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Renewable energy development demands expertise across a broad range of technical, environmental and commercial disciplines, such that is sometimes necessary to call on additional specialists in the industry. As an experienced independent renewable energy developer we draw on our knowledge of the skills available in the market which have direct and relevant experience to the renewable energy sector to ensure that project teams are tailored to best suit specific project and client requirements.

We have particularly strong relationships with a number of companies which have contributed to some of the projects across our portfolio. These include The Ventus Funds, Arcus Renewable Energy Consulting and The Wind Consultancy Service.

Latest News

Sep 6, 2013

Local Benefits now flowing from Allt Dearg

Just 8 months after its completion Allt Dearg Community Wind Farm is doing just as it says on the tin... generating lots of green energy on the hill whilst providing much needed cash for community projects in and around Ardrishaig.


Jul 9, 2013

Milnathort Future Trust reveal plans to tackle growing flooding risk

Milnathort Future Trust (MFT) have warned of an increasing local threat of flooding due to climate change, highlighting their plans to use profit generated from the proposed Milnathort Community Wind Cluster to shore up local residents against the risk.


Jun 21, 2013

New Student Support Scheme Announced

Lomond Energy has signed a unique agreement with Clydebank College to establish an Educational Trust Fund to provide finance for student places.


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